Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Target Audience

The website I will be designing will be accessible and appeal to a younger demographic, about 6-13. Through my research I have gained that there are not many charities linked with animal conservation and preserving our world that are aimed at children and so would fill a gap. It is important to instill in younger generations that we must work together with animals to save those, which we have put into endangerment. This will be the main cause of the website, to create a feeling of love and appreciation for animals in children so they will continue on their lives helping, giving and being thoughtful of the other species that inhabit our world.

A charity of course relies largely on donations to keep running and supporting itself. The parents, who are likely to be roughly 30-40, are at a stage in their life where they have more expendable income that they could look to put towards cause like this. This means the target demographic of 6- 13 is good for generating donations, but also means the site must be accessible to the older audience as well so that they can use it along with their children for optimum donations generated and impact on the family.

As this website is looking for donations its main audience will be higher socio economic groups who have the disposable income to use. They could be classified in terms of employment and economic status as: higher management/administration professional, middle management/administration/professional or supervisory/clerical/junior management. These are people who are skilled and in well paid jobs so they have the luxury of being able to give to causes such as this. I believe in most cases it would tend to be, based on the VALS system, makers: do it yourself enthusiasts and tend to live a conventional family life and fulfilled: Mature people who are well-educated professionals. This group values order, knowledge and responsibilities, in terms of the parents, who would be most likely to give or help. These would be the most likely people to understand the concept, wish to help the animals and have the means to do so.

When speaking of psychographic among children those who would relate to the charity would be “utopians” who’s wish is for the world to be a better place. This is directly linked with what the charity is trying to achieve and so the main audience for the site. In terms of their parents the obvious psychographic group would be “Carers” as they care for the world around them and the people in it. This would mean they could see that they should help animals and not wish to help them; children could sway them to if it was what they wanted.

In order to accommodate for the younger audience the site will feature bright colours, this will grab the attention of and cause them to enjoy using the site. As well as this the pictures should be of animals that they will recognize on the most part and think are good. Such as lions etc or birds with bright colours as the aesthetics often outweigh the rarity for children. The site will have to be easy to use so that a younger audience will not get confuse if using it alone although at times it is likely they would be with a parent. Also the language must be accessible to children while not being too colloquial to put off parents taking the charity seriously as they are the ones who will be donating.

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  1. Excellent consideration of the target audience.